Golden Bay Hideaway

Kiwi Greenie Construction Photos Step-by-Step

The holiday home and showhome Kiwi Greenie was constructed using the following technology and materials.

  • Site

    Site 1 Site 2 Site 3

    Cementing the chamber of the composting toilet.

  • Floor

    Floor 1

    Look at that handsome captain, keeping an eye on unqualified Lawrence.

    Floor 3

    The floor is just polished Takaka River builders mix - as it comes, natural.

  • Walls

    Walls 1 Walls 2

    One stud screwing another.

    Walls 3 Walls 4

    The infamous and multi-talented Norry.

    Cladding 1 Cladding 2
  • Adobe Walls

    Adobe walls 1 Adobe walls 2 Adobe walls 3 Adobe walls 4

    Special WOOFERS - Clyde, Crissy, Dariusz, boy.

  • Roof

    Roof 1 Roof 2

    Battling 30 knot winds the boys fasten down the waterproof roofing paper (Pro Clima SOLITEX MENTO 3000 roof underlay) to keep out the coming rainstorms. Highly recommended product!

    Roof 3 Roof 4 Roof 5

    Jetstream know how to blow... 500mm depth of recycled glass. This product reduced roof insulation labour by 3-4 days.

    Roof 6 Roof 7

    Native Kahikatea tree milled from the property and turned into tongue-n-groove ceiling cladding.

  • Windows and Doors

    Windows 1

    The mission to Wellington and back on the weekend. A trailerload of windows. You gotta do what you gotta do.

    Windows 2
  • Toilet

    Toilet 1

    Amani in the toilet chamber.

    Toilet 2 Toilet 3 Toilet 4 Toilet 5

    Cleans up nicely!

  • Power & Lighting

    Power 1 Power 3

    Finn McIntyre - practicing his electrical skillz. Still overdue to be qualified.

  • Water Heating

    Hot water 1

    Look at this work of art. Cheers Alliance Plumbing. Shane Harwood at his best.

  • Drainage

    Drainage 1 Drainage 2 Drainage 3 Drainage 4

    What everyone doesn't see or appreciate. You dig a hole and cover it up again.

The Team

Kiwi Greenie was constructed over several months in the second half of 2014. A massive effort from a good bunch of professionals and amateurs made it come together perfectly. Thanks to everyone who lent us a hand.

Mcintyre lads

The McIntyre lads - Finn, Lawrence and Amani.


The builders - Amani, Norry (Tim Norris), Lawrence. Dangerous!