Golden Bay Hideaway

  • Ideal space for a special getaway
  • Certified wheelchair access
  • Modern conveniences and comforts
  • Close to a range of activities
  • Craftsman's attention to detail
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Warm all year round
  • Sleeps up to four people

Take a vacation in Kiwi Greenie and enjoy a future-thinking holiday house that catches all the afternoon sun, stores it, and maintains a comfortable temperature at any time of year.

Kiwi Greenie may appear to be just another modern, professionally finished house with stunning views in a beautiful location. Of course everyone will notice some differences sooner or later, but those interested in environmental technology and smart building will find the differences go right down to the foundations.

Kiwi Greenie is designed with four major principles in mind: Energy efficiency, low maintenance/longevity, ease of construction and value for money. It takes eco-home design a step further and improves on the award-winning foundation achieved in Little Greenie. It may be modern, but it’s not about frills or fashion; and while it is unashamedly utilitarian, it’s definitely not drab or boring. It's a living, breathing home.


  • Sleeps up to four people
  • Queen-size bed
  • Separate bedroom with 2 singles or double bed
  • Electricity
  • Hot and cold running water
  • Indoor shower and outdoor bath
  • Radio, CD player, Stereo with media player connection
  • Fridge/freezer, cooker/oven and BBQ
  • Linen and bedding provided
  • Underfloor heating


Season Winter Mid Peak
Single Night $220 $280 $325
2-3 Nights $160 $240 $270
4-6 Nights $140 $205 $230
7+ Nights $115 $175 $195

Peak Season is Summer 15 Dec - 28 Feb.
Mid Season is Autumn/Fall 1 Mar - 30 Apr and Spring 1 Nov - 14 Dec.
Winter Season is Winter 1 May - 31 Oct.

All prices are for 2 people (shared bed) and are per night. $25/night per extra person.

We've deliberately kept the nightly price as low as possible so many people can experience our unique eco-home concept.

Exterior from north
Interior evening light in kitchen
Interior pano from kitchen
Modern kitchen
Master bed

Recent Reviews

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A great clean place with spectacular views and great hiking a few kilometers away.

Kiwi Greenie review



Wonderful place. Secluded and with a great view. The outdoor hot tub was fantastic. The compost toilet took a little getting used to - but nice to know how much water it's saving. Great experience.

Kiwi Greenie review



Beautiful location! Could sit and stare at that view all day! Such a warm cosy house!!

Kiwi Greenie review



My children and I spent three lovely nights at Kiwi Greenie. What an awesome and truly unique experience! The house is at the very top of the hill which gives you a nice view on Golden Bay and you can even enjoy the view from the bath tub outside (which we enjoyed even in winter). The house was always really nice and warm and it was probably the warmest house we have found in New Zealand so far. The drive way is a little adventurous but the toilet is totally worth it (you'll figure that out once you get there ;)). We will definitely stay here again!

Kiwi Greenie review



What a fantastic place to stay at! We couldn't believe how warm the house stayed during winter, never saw it under 29 degrees. Throw in a beautiful view, comfy bed and the outdoor bath and it's a winner. Communication with Lawrence was easy and when we had a problem they were quick to resolve it for us.

Kiwi Greenie review



Amazing house and location. Lawrence was very responsive to our questions and even drove us a wine bottle opener up the hill!

Kiwi Greenie review

Read all Kiwi Greenie reviews

Travel to Golden Bay

Flights direct from Wellington from $109/person
Rental cars in Golden Bay from $49/day

How to Find Us

Kiwi Greenie Technology

  • Mudbricks 50px

    Passive solar design

    Heat is captured and stored in abode bricks.

  • Solar cells 50px

    Off-grid electricity supply

    Power comes from solar panels and battery bank.

  • Water cylinder 50px

    High tech solar hot water

    Serious heat retention and monitoring.

  • German windows 50px

    Highly insulated window system

    Double-glazed and beautiful to behold.

  • Toilet paper 50px

    Innovative composting toilet system

    No smells and makes good earth for the garden.

  • Underfloor heating 50px

    Solar/boiler underfloor heating

    Stable temperature in winter.

Learn more about the construction of Kiwi Greenie.

Plenty to Do

There's no TV but you'll be entertained all the same.

  • Sunset 50px

    Beautiful Sunsets

    Over the water in winter and the mountains in summer.

  • Wainui falls 50px

    Walk to Wainui Falls

    Through lush original forest and over a swing bridge.

  • Clear water 50px

    Go Swimming

    The clear waters around Wainui Bay are ideal.

Look at our attractions section for more ideas.

Recycling 280px


In keeping with its aim of fostering a high standard of environmental ethics, Golden Bay Hideaway operates a well organised recycling regime with organised bins - even the bins are recycled!