Golden Bay Hideaway

What is the deal with the $50 cleaning fee?

We charge a one-off $50 cleaning fee for your entire booking. We don't offer a daily cleaning service. Because our fee is just once for your stay it means that the longer you stay the lower the nightly rate.

The cleaning fee goes towards the costs involved in changing over the room, consumables, laundry, running a vehicle etc. It doesn’t cover it completely but is closer to the honest cost of the cleaning/changeover fee. The only variation is if we have to make up two beds, which is a one-off cost.

The cleaning fee is also a mechanism we use for pricing that means the longer people stay the cheaper the overall rate becomes. Other providers may have a lower cleaning fee but their tariff is similar and therefore the guest doesn’t benefit from staying longer.

We deter people from using both beds, unless they’ve paid for extra guests, because if the second bed is used/unmade we still need to wash the mattress protector, pillow protectors and the bed cover (as we can only assume it was slept in), and this is more work than it would be to just wash the regular linen.

Be aware that the cleaning fee is often hidden on third-party booking websites, not shown until you're at the checkout. You're better off booking direct with us - it's a bit cheaper too!