Golden Bay Hideaway

Choose from five different types of accommodation in Wainui Bay. All offer a natural bush environment and private location that invites a feeling of escape from the hustle of daily life.

So if you’d enjoy a cosy hot bath outside, lounging under millions of stars and listening to the moreporks at night, this is the place for you.

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    Kiwi Greenie

    Kiwi Greenie is our new low-energy passive solar design home for everyone. It's spectacular views over Wainui Bay are ready to be enjoyed from the outdoor bath, master bedroom and open plan living and dining area. Our second generation Greenie is the next step in eco-home design - Little Greenie design and build process.

    • COVID-19 Protection
    • Ideal space for a special getaway
    • Certified wheelchair access
    • Modern conveniences and comforts
    • Close to a range of activities
    • Clean and green
    • Craftperson's attention to detail
    • Extremely energy efficient
    • Warm all year round
    • Sleeps up to four people
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    Little Greenie

    Little Greenie is a serious low-energy passive solar design, demonstrating the future of sustainable house building. It's the show home of Little Greenie Design & Build. If you want to enjoy the still winter days in Golden Bay, this house catches the suns energy and stores it, this is real comfort - an experience worth living.

    • COVID-19 Protection
    • Perfect couples retreat
    • Mountain/estuary and sea views
    • Modern conveniences
    • Bath under the stars
    • Clean and green
    • Craftperson's attention to detail
    • Extremely energy efficient
    • Warm all year round
    • Comfortably sleeps two
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    Tiny Greenie

    We've recently completed the build of this tiny home to our exceptionally high McIntyre standard - the Tiny Greenie builds on our vision! Experience warmth and comfort this year in New Zealand’s first European style passive solar tiny house.

    • COVID-19 Protection
    • Ideal space for a special getaway
    • Clever design for small living
    • Modern conveniences and comforts
    • Close to a range of activities
    • Clean and green
    • Craftperson's attention to detail
    • Extremely energy efficient
    • Warm all year round
    • Sleeps up to four people
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    House Truck

    House Truck is a lovingly restored and beautifully presented 1950's Commer. Surrounded by fantastic sea and mountain views in a private bush location. This fully equipped wagon is a cosy sanctuary to restore your pioneer spirit.

    • COVID-19 Protection
    • Perfect couples retreat
    • Peaceful and private
    • Beautifully handcrafted
    • Luxurious outside bath
    • Clean and green
    • Amazing sea views
    • Cosy and warm
    • Unique kiwi experience
    • Sleeps four + tents
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    Hippie House

    This fascinating house was started over 20 years ago by some of the original 'Hippies' in Golden Bay and has recently been restored and skillfully completed. It is of funky and fun design with all rooms on different levels.

    • COVID-19 Protection
    • Great space for families
    • Quirky building design
    • Overlooking Wainui Inlet and Bay
    • Beautifully finished interior
    • Clean and green
    • Sunny deck and living spaces
    • Fantastic sunsets
    • Outside hot bath
    • Sleeps four + tent

Clean and Green

In keeping with our aim of fostering a high standard of environmental ethics, we operate a well organised recycling regime with organised bins - even the bins are recycled!

Which holiday home is right for me?

House Truck, Tiny Greenie and Little Greenie will suit a relationship-nurture holiday retreat - especially where seclusion and peaceful surroundings are priorities.

Kiwi Greenie offers an eco-retreat with total comfort for everyone (sleeps up to four), better suited for children. Tiny Greenie and House Truck sleep four in a small space with the beds on mezzanine platforms.

Hippie House is suitable accommodation for families who wish to find a holiday home to let the days drift by. Sleeps up to four.

Check Availability

If you're having difficulty finding accommodation during your time in Golden Bay then you can compare the availability calendars for all our accommodation options.

How to Find Us

Follow the directions and map to come and visit.

Customer Reviews

You can read customer reviews on our page.

Top of the Park

Golden Bay Hideaway is currently the only accommodation option available at the Northern end of the Abel Tasman Coastal Track. Walkers can now come right through the park to Golden Bay and not have to worry about finding transportation into Takaka.

Wainui Bay, Abel Tasman

All three accommodation options are located on the same property in Wainui Bay, Golden Bay. Situated at the top of New Zealand’s South Island and adjacent to Abel Tasman National Park, Wainui Bay has a slow pace of life with an abundance of natural beauty.

Kiwi Lifestyle

Many elements of New Zealand life the way it used to be, are still remaining in Wainui Bay. There’s a small family run farm, lots of native birds, no shops and people still have time to go to the beach.

Not Too Far Out

Just fifteen minutes drive to Pohara's cafés, shops, bars, galleries and other urban delights. Golden Bay's main town of Takaka is 25 minutes away.

COVID-19 Information

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COVID-19 Protection Plan

COVID-19 Protection Plan

We're taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously and we're prepared to make everything as safe, easy and affordable as possible for our guests. Golden Bay Hideaway is tackling this challenge with a range of important measures:

All Guests Welcome

We've taken measures to ensure our accommodations are safe for all our guests. For this reason we are not requiring vaccine certificates or passes. All our staff are fully vaccinated.

Exceptionally Clean

We're very proud of our record on providing an exceptionally clean and safe environment for all our guests. The many glowing reviews in this regard are truly appreciated.

Each home is cleaned on a regular basis and a deep and thorough clean is completed before you arrive for your stay. This involves but is not limited to:

  • Deploying hospital grade cleaning products.
  • Sanitize all 'high touch' surfaces.
  • Dust and clean floors.
  • Clean and shine windows and doors.
  • Refreshing linen and towels and restock supplies.
  • Wash and inspect dishes.
  • Removing of any rubbish.
  • We double-check that everything is clean and safe for your stay.

Golden Bay Hideaway cleaning staff are fully vaccinated, trained in good hygiene and follow recommended cleaning guidelines from the New Zealand Ministry of Health. We encourage our guests to do the same.

Soap, hand sanitisers and disposable (and compostable) hand drying towels are provided for every visitor's safety.

Low-touch Bubble

Each of our accommodations is completely separate from the others. There are no shared facilities. You'll feel like it's just you and the view.

Our "low-touch" approach to the check-in/check-out process means you'll likely never meet any of us face-to-face. When you arrive at Golden Bay Hideaway you can use the intercom at the gate to announce your arrival. From there you simply follow the signs to your accommodation of choice - ready and waiting. And for checkout you can just leave.

Our (fully vaccinated) staff will never arrive unannounced and burst your bubble. But of course we're always around should you need us - just call or send us a message.

"No worries" Cancellation

Book your bubble break with confidence!

In these uncertain times it can be hard to make a plan for the future. We reckon taking a break shouldn't be a stressful experience. So we're making it easy for you to have no worries with our generous cancellation policy.

While the NZ Government maintains strict border controls for COVID-19 we are only accepting bookings that meet various criteria. Please read all latest information.

Please have a read of our cancellation policy.

Lawrence and Kylie

Go well and please get in touch if you have any questions and comments.