Golden Bay Hideaway

Off-grid Living

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Stay at the House Truck accommodation and know that you're supporting sustainable living practices that contribute to reducing carbon emissions.

House Truck feels like you've been transported across space and time.

A Traditional Off-grid Experience

House Truck takes you back to a time when people lived simply and were connected to nature. It's a romantic ideal that many people still aspire to, but too often it leaves a lot to be desired from an ecological perspective.

Thankfully, House Truck has been retrofitted to be as energy efficient as possible while retaining the beauty and charm of another era. And it's part of a broader effort to at Golden Bay Hideaway to minimise our ecological impact.

Experience House Truck, and you'll appreciate how far we've come in when it comes to "off-grid" living.

Our solar shed holds all the vitals for off-grid living - panels, batteries, inverters etc.

Off-Grid Solar Energy System

The accommodation is powered by a off-grid solar energy system, meaning it generates its own electricity from a renewable and clean energy source: the sun.

This system offers numerous benefits including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, energy independence, lower long-term energy costs, sustainability, and low maintenance.

This aligns with our principles of self-sufficiency and responsible use of resources, demonstrating a commitment to sustainable living and environmental stewardship.