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Little Greenie Design & Build

Little Greenie Design & Build is a building service company based on the design principles of the Little Greenie building; providing unsurpassed comfort and energy performance for your dollar.

If you are looking to build and want a highly performing house then start the process by coming to stay in Little Greenie - then you'll understand the difference. You will experience for yourself the whole-house thinking and the all season comfort and wellbeing that Little Greenie provides. You'll get an insight into the temperature control, the energy efficiency and the low maintenance secrets that Little Greenie Design & Build specialises in.

Your build can benefit from Little Greenie Design and Build’s wide experience, attention to detail and award winning thinking. Come and stay or call us for a chat about your needs.

How We Can Help You

  • Come and try Little Greenie - experience the difference
  • Optimize your house design for your site
  • Build your house of any size based on Little Greenie principles
  • Project manage your build
  • Oversee the construction process for your house
  • Guarantee the standard of your insulation to achieve a highly effective thermal envelope (HERs rating verified)
  • Advice for you based on wide practical experience
  • Troubleshooting your insulation or retrofit
  • Project management, oversight and delivery for your insulation or retrofit


Here are a couple of excerpts from recent testimonials, read the full stories on the Testimonials page.

Nathan and Jodie Fa’avae:

Sleeping in tents, snow caves and living in the outdoors was normal. Any building in comparison to a snow cave is going to feel warm. As frequent travellers, we had not spent a full winter in NZ for over a decade, always escaping to the Northern hemisphere or Pacific Islands. Lawrence’s claims were against the flow of all the other information we had access to, even building engineers and so called experts… read on…

Karen Burnett and Ed Solly:

We have liked that Lawrence is constantly thinking about the most efficient and cost effective way to solve a dilemma and has often approached us with “Hey I’ve been thinking about …” and “I have another idea, what about…”. We have felt confident… read on…

Experience It For Yourself

Anyone looking at building future proofed, energy efficient eco-buildings would be advised to come and stay in Little Greenie. Then you'll understand the difference.

As far as we know this is the most insulated, low-energy and low maintenance home in New Zealand and the living experience is like nothing else. And these aren't just words, we've built it and proved it, now you can experience it and make up your own mind.

If you are a builder, architect, engineer or just plain interested in eco-construction you will find this eye-opening. Why not come and experience sustainable housing in action?

If you like the feel of the Little Greenie eco-home then Little Greenie Design & Build can design and build it for you! Contact us to book a stay in Little Greenie today.

Independent Report

A report, independently prepared for the Hikurangi Foundation and the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) by Housing Analyst Verney Ryan was released April 21st 2011. It shows that Kiwi homebuilders could be getting significantly better performance for their money.

You don’t have to pay heaps to build a warm and low maintenance house. Little Greenie shows for your money you could get significantly better performance – more comfort, reduced costs and higher financial returns.

How We Work

  • Proven award winning design principles
  • Personal approach
  • Attention to detail
  • Handpicked quality tradesmen contractors
  • Whole house thinking
  • Keeping the integrity of your idea through actual delivery

COVID-19 Information

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COVID-19 Protection Plan

COVID-19 Protection Plan

We're taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously and we're prepared to make everything as safe, easy and affordable as possible for our guests. Golden Bay Hideaway is tackling this challenge with a range of important measures:

Exceptionally Clean

We're very proud of our record on providing an exceptionally clean and safe environment for all our guests. The many glowing reviews in this regard are truly appreciated.

Each home is cleaned on a regular basis and a deep and thorough clean is completed before you arrive for your stay. This involves but is not limited to:

  • Deploying hospital grade cleaning products.
  • Sanitize all 'high touch' surfaces.
  • Dust and clean floors.
  • Clean and shine windows and doors.
  • Refreshing linen and towels and restock supplies.
  • Wash and inspect dishes.
  • Removing of any rubbish.
  • We double-check that everything is clean and safe for your stay.

Golden Bay Hideaway cleaning staff are trained in good hand hygiene and follow recommended cleaning guidelines from the New Zealand Ministry of Health. We encourage our guests to do the same.

Soap, hand sanitisers and disposable (and compostable) hand drying towels are provided for every visitor's safety.

Low-touch Bubble

Each of our accommodations is completely separate from the others. There are no shared facilities. You'll feel like it's just you and the view.

Our "low-touch" approach to the check-in/check-out process means you'll likely never meet any of us face-to-face. When you arrive at Golden Bay Hideaway you can use the intercom at the gate to announce your arrival. From there you simply follow the signs to your accommodation of choice - ready and waiting. And for checkout you can just leave.

We'll never arrive unannounced and burst your bubble. But of course we're always around should you need us - just call or send us a message.

"No worries" Cancellation

Book your bubble break with confidence!

In these uncertain times it can be hard to make a plan for the future. We reckon taking a break shouldn't be a stressful experience. So we're making it easy for you to have no worries with our generous cancellation policy.

While the NZ Government maintains strict border controls for COVID-19 we are only accepting bookings that meet various criteria. Please read all latest information.

Please have a read of our cancellation policy.

Rates Reduced

That's right, we're dropping our nightly rates during this time of hardship. Everyone's feeling the pinch and we reckon that we can help each other out in this situation. You get a great deal and our houses are not sitting empty - nice!

As always you can book instantly via our website with our updated pricing.

Lawrence and Kylie

Go well and please get in touch if you have any questions and comments.